UAE Calls on Somalia’s Interim Government and Opposition to Exercise Restraint


DUBAI (Somaliguardian) – The United Arab Emirates expressed deep concerns over the deteriorating situation in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, due to the ongoing violence and excessive use of force against civilians.

UAE’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement issued on Saturday, called on the “interim government” and all parties to “demonstrate the highest levels of restraint” to be able to achieve Somalia’s aspirations for a better future.

The United Arab Emirates, which is accused of supporting Somali opposition, said it will continue support for all international efforts and initiatives to conduct transparent and fair elections on scheduled date and urged Somali political stakeholders to unify their stance on confronting the threat of terrorism and extremism.

Diplomatic ties between the UAE and Somalia soured in 2018 and have not yet improved, however, the Gulf country now expresses hope that stability would prevail in Somalia in a way that “preserves its national sovereignty and fulfills the aspirations of its brotherly people.”

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