Uganda Denies Claims that Its Forces Killed 189 Al-Shabaab Fighters in Somalia


KAMPALA (Somaliguardian) – Uganda’s government has confirmed that recent claims by allegedly made by its army over the killing of 189 Al-Shabaab fighters in an attack in south Somalia were false, Ugandan permanent representative to the United Nations said on Wednesday.

“Uganda government through its mission in New York has confirmed to me the report is false. It blamed fake news,” Rashid Abdi, renowned Horn of Africa analyst said.

“So no 189 Shabaab killed by UPDF. Lesson:  Journalists need to always counter-check claims,” he added.

The report appeared to be part of president Museveni’s efforts to calm growing pressure at home after the opposition rejected January 14 election, alleging fraud and called for mass protests across the country, a Somali security official noted.

There were no reports of Ugandan military maneuvers in cities under their control before and after the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) said its troops killed 189 Al-Shabaab militants in south Somalia. Moreover, most of the towns held by Ugandan peacekeepers are under prolonged siege laid by Islamists.

“No respectable Somali source is willing to give credit to the report – military or security. Seems like piece of fiction to show M7’s great utility to the world at a time when he’s under severe pressure at home,” Analyst Rashid Abdi tweeted.

Responding to Rashid Abdi on twitter, Uganda’s permanent representative to the UN Adonia Ayebare termed the claim as “fake news”.

“Brother Rashid. I have talked to the UPDF leadership the claim is fake news and was not an official claim and we should treat it as such. Thank you for recognizing the high sacrifices by UPDF and Uganda to the cause of AMISOM,” Ayebare tweeted.

Both the Somali government and the militants have not yet commented on the claims allegedly made by Ugandan army last week.

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