US-trained Somali Special Forces Kill 10 Civilians near American Drone Base in Somalia


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – US-trained Somali special forces carried out an attack on a livestock market in the town of Lego near American drone base in Somalia’s south, where at least 10 civilians are said to have been killed.

Witnesses told Somaliguardian that US-trained Somali government troops attacked a livestock market in the town of Lego in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region on Tuesday and that indiscriminate fire opened by soldiers has left at least 10 civilians dead.

Among the dead was a woman who owned a restaurant inside the small livestock market, witnesses said.

Somali special forces accompanied by a convoy of US troops entered the town early on Tuesday. Somaliguardian approached Somali military officials who said “we are so far not aware of any civilian casualties as a result of our operation”, claiming to have killed one Al-Shabaab fighter on the outskirts of the town.

US-trained Somali special forces had killed at least 8 civilians outside the town of Toratorow a few weeks ago. More recently, civilian deaths caused by military operations of allied Somali and foreign troops have increased, showing no signs of abating.

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