Widespread Corruption in Somalia’s Education System: Minister


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Education Minister Abdullahi Abukar Haji said on Monday that there was a widespread corruption in the education system and promised to deal with it, hours after the government’s term expired.

The country’s education sector has been not been in the hand of the government since Somalia’s central government collapsed 30 years ago despite ongoing efforts to rebuild public schools to provide children in the capital and elsewhere in the country with a free of charge education.

The Minister of Education Abdullahi Abukar speaking before the parliament confirmed that there was a rampant corruption in the education sector and that strong measures were needed to curb its spread.

Somalis perceive corruption as only a theft of public property but goes far beyond that, affecting every household in the country, the minister said.

The parliament approved a new education bill, which the minister welcomed as a step taken forward to remove hurdles against making improvements on a number of forefronts include the national examinations, universities and the curriculum.

Every year, many students enroll at universities in Mogadishu without high school certificates, the minister noted, adding that it was one of the obstacles standing to their way to reach ministerial goals.

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