At Least 8 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Israeli Air Strike on Damascus


DOHA (Somaliguardian) – At 8 Syrian soldiers were killed in an Israeli air strike on targets in the capital Damascus on Tuesday, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday.

In another air raid, Israeli fighter jets hit an ammunition depot believed to belong to Hezbollah militias in Homs, according to London-based observatory.

Syrian news agency said air defenses repelled an Israeli aerial attack on Damuscus coming from Lebanese airspace. It did not say if the air strikes caused casualties in Syria’s capital.

Heavy explosions were heard in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport on Tuesday night after Israeli air raids hit Syrian military targets. Among other targets struck by the air strikes included Al-Dumeer area and military installations in the southwest of Homs, though casualties have not been immediately known.

Israel has not yet commented on the attack, which comes after a month-long lull in its air attacks on Syrian army bases and positions under the control of allied militias.

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