Young Recruit Killed Near Somalia’s Capital After Escaping Training Camp in Eritrea


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A young man has been killed near Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, weeks after he appeared on local televisions saying he had escaped a military training camp in Eritrea amid growing anger over missing recruits.

Abdimalik Abdullahi Hassan, was killed in a knife attack by a friend of his own following a fallout, his father told media on Monday, without giving further details about the murder.

The young man had been missing since going to Eritrea for a military training but his family heard about him for the first time while he was in the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, Mekelle after escaping a military training camp heavily guarded by Eritrean soldiers, his father Abdullahi Hassan said.

The family had spent a lot of money in ensuring his safe return and he, along with two other youths, was welcomed by Puntland authorities after crossing into Somalia’s border, he added.

It is not immediately clear if the killing is a retaliation for his decision to leak secret information on his escape, whereabouts of thousands of missing recruits and the situation of Somali youths held in Eritrean training camps and the federal has not yet commented on his death.

A burial event for the young man has been held in the town of Afgoye, 30km from the capital Mogadishu on Monday and the man behind his murder was arrested, according to Abdimalik’s father, who added that his son had stayed in the agricultural town for a few weeks before the attack.

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