Pentagon to Send Home Troops from Somalia and other African Countries to Direct More Focus on Asia

NAIROBI (Somaliguardian) – US Army will send soldiers from one of its new training brigades in African countries which includes Somalia in the weeks to come in a bid to expand the use of the new specialized units, Pentagon confirmed.

Pentagon now looks at possible troop cuts in the continent despite opposition from Congress members.

The US government has been contemplating for months about the plan to send a couple hundred soldiers from the 1st Security Forces Assistance Brigade and it’s the first next step in the Army’s broader plan to use the training teams to free other brigades who had been working as advisers to move on to other combat jobs.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper eyes potential troop cuts in Africa as part of a global review aimed at directing more focus on Asia. However, US lawmakers and allies have voiced opposition to any cuts in Africa where Al-Qaeda affiliated groups are building increasing strength.

Esper said that roughly 200 soldiers from the 1st SFAB will replace soldiers from the 101st Airborne who are returning home from Africa, “so that they can train for high-intensity conflict,” in line with the National Defense strategy.

The Secretary provided no estimate of the number of 101st infantry will come home from Africa, but said the net result would be roughly a wash, numerically, according to Associated Press.

Somalia is among the countries which this troop cut program will effect. The country hosts second largest American military base in Africa where more than a thousand combat troops and trainers are stationed.

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