Puntland’s President Accuses Somali Government of Defederalizing the Country

Garowe(Somaliguardian) – Puntland’s President Saed Abdullahi Deni providing opening remarks at a consultative conference in the region’s capital, Garowe discussed a wide range of issues from the achievements made so far –to the challenges facing his administration.

Deni highlighted that Puntland has made tremendous achievements since it was established and that it became a beacon of hope for the rest of Somalis after the country’s civil war, but acknowledged that many challenges forced the administration to linger.

President Deni accused Somali government of closing all avenues to a fruitful dialogue and stepping up malfeasance and oppression against Federal members states to defederalize the country.

Puntland’s President said his administration will not remain silent over efforts by the Somali government derailing the country from its right track.

The President has on Sunday opened a consultative conference which hosted hundreds of renowned politicians, traditional leaders and intellectuals. Among the attendees at the ceremony included Somali government ministers and members of Parliament.

Somali FM, Ahmed Awad speaking to local media underscored that the conference could pave the way for an end to frosty relations between Puntland and Somali government.

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