Saudi Arabia restoring relations with Somalia in a new foreign policy strategy

(Somaliguardian-Mogadishu)- The Saudi government is now taking a new direction in its foreign policy restoring diplomatic ties with Somalia as Riyadh is now seeking to seduce Somali leaders to become part of the future oil exploration work in the country.

Last week a Saudi delegation has come to Mogadishu in a clandestine visit, holding meeting with government officials of which its details has not been disclosed by either governments.

Riyadh which previously severed ties with Somalia is now seducing Somali leaders to make a new political comeback and as analysts believe Saudi Arabia wants to join Somalia’s future oil exploration effort s–willing to shift its foreign policy towards the conflict ravaged nation.

In 2017, the Gulf nations put sanctions against Qatar; a key ally of the Somali government which Mogadishu refused to put into effect and yet as relations between Riyad and Mogadishu have been souring –Saudi Arabia wants to set up friendship with Somalia, displacing its number one enemy, Qatar.

The Saudi ambassador of Somalia, Mohamed binu Abdulqhani Khayat, met at his office the Somali Foreign minister Ahmed Eise Awad, discussing to strengthen bilateral economic and security cooperation and pledging to increase Saudi aid to Somalia.

Saudi Arabia might now be willing to induce Somali politicians; however, this approach serves as a telltale sign for a new foreign policy strategy shaping Riyadh’s ambitions towards a country with which it previously severed ties.

The Riyadh government is now in a deep-rooted crisis and has been in a proxy war with its gulf neighbors the UAE and Qatar. Somalia’s friendship would not suffice its ultimate goal of making new friends in the Arab world.

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