Somali government suborns political parties to extend its tenure and postpone elections

(Somaliguardian-Mogadishu)- Villa Somalia has been designing a mechanized plot aimed to create a political rift among the officials of UPD party led by former president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

The powerful chief commander of NISA, the Somali security apparatus who is known in public as the ‘manager of the presidency’ approached members of UPD party with large sums of cash to create a political rift among its inner dynamics and create confusion ahead of the forthcoming elections in 2020.

UPD members speaking to Somaliguardian confirmed the details of the attempted plot, saying that NISA chief commander conspired to politically besiege the party’s leader and former president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

Mr. Mohamoud has recently been a vocal critic of the current administration, attending a previously government banned inaugural ceremony for the rebellious state leader of Juballand, Ahmed Madobe.

NISA chief commander has not yet commented on the blame, however, the current administration has in the past few weeks been exerting major efforts on extending its tenure and postponing elections –which are due in just a year’s time.

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