Somalia kicks off the start of its 3rd decade in conflict as citizens hopelessly predict future

    (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s conflict entered its 30th anniversary, commemorated with the blaze of ongoing wars, the presence of foreign troops deployed to oversee the continuation of hostilities and the Somali people bearing the brunt of an infinite plight.

    If the country had once been the strongest in the East-Africa, it is now under the feet of inferiors it used to hold in contempt, trampling on its wounds and standing to its way of recovering. Why are these nations playing with fire in boosting hostilities that may have already spilled over to their nations, crossing over long borders inhabited by oppressed nomads?

    The intervention of neighboring nations receiving the aid of great international powers set in motion the collapse of Somalia’s military regime in the early 1990s and the subsequent conflict that ranged the country hollow.

    After 30 years of endless conflict, these countries are not yet ready to give up their sinister intentions disguised with the “AMISOM PEACE KEEPING MISSION” that have dire consequences throughout the poorest region on Earth, the Horn of Africa. Now joined by Turkey, Qatar, UAE and other governments the real enemies of Somalia seem scathingly guiding Somali politicians, boasting the pride of “keeping peace” –the very peace they plotted its ebb.

    The year 2020 marks another decade of unraveling and chaos for Somalia –which has long been a no-go area as its harrowing stories usually break headlines throughout the World’s media channels. The forgotten story of Somalia under neo-colony legalized under the auspices of the international archetypal body the UN that hijacked the country from its course to peace and progress –needs comprehensively detailed write-ups and unlimited media coverage.

    The more gruesome picture one could depict when reading about Somalia and the long time mindset of the “no-go-area” are bewilderingly setting us to a journey of predicting how the new decade would look like. Will a cessation of hostilities be finally agreed?

    The 30 year old conflict taught us lessons etched on our minds, giving everyone an opportunity to predict the course of events for each month and year. Moreover, Somalis learned that corrupt politicians leading the country by the guides of neighboring nations dictating the country’s future and the presence of foreign troops could no longer bring about peace.

    The fragile Somali government based in Mogadishu exerts efforts that many deem exhaustive in revitalizing government institutions and fighting Al-Shabaab which carries out frequent attacks across the country. However, just days before the new decade started the Somali capital Mogadishu hosted one of its deadliest attacks that left nearly 90 people dead, touching off criticism and debate flared up about the readiness of the Somali armed forces to take over security of the country from AMISOM troops  by the year 2021.

    30 years later, weeping may endure for long and to the New Decade, Somalis responded with grief, knee-deep in this hopeless turmoil; however, while the country’s future still hangs on the balance one may cautiously remain optimistic, saying “joy may cometh in the morning”.

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