Somaliland Counter-Terrorism Forces Arrest ISIS Leader in Somalia

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) –Somaliland security forces have arrested a man believed to be ISIS unofficial leader in Somalia who was visiting Lasanod town near the border with Puntland.

Intelligence officials have confirmed to Somaliguardian that Abdirahman Fahiye also known as Ahmed Adan among the group, who is currently serving as the deputy leader of Daesh in Somalia was arrested following a raid on a home he was hiding in.

Senior member of Somaliland’s Intelligence apparatus speaking to Somaliguardian on the condition of anonymity said security forces had received information leading to the capture of Abdirahman Fahiye.

He added that the man recently crossed the border from Puntland and that his visit in Somaliland involved planning attacks to terrorize public in the break-away state which has enjoyed peace over two decades.

Somaliland security officials have stopped short in giving details of the arrest, however, the capture of Abdirahman Fahiye, ISIS’s principal leader in Somalia has come weeks after Lasanod Intelligence chief was killed in a bomb attack. No one has yet claimed responsibility, but authorities believe Fahiye’s men were behind the plot that had also killed the region’s court judge.

Intelligence officials have also confirmed that the man carried with him more than 3 passports including Yemeni and Russian as well as other faked documents.

Abdirahman Fahiye is believed to be ISIS’s unofficial leader in Somalia assigned with coordinating group’s activities and managing slipper cells hiding across the country, while Abdikadir Moumin only remains a poster boy for the group’s propaganda targeting local Somali speaking audience.

Fahiye and other suspected individuals are currently detained in a secret intelligence run prison near the capital, Hargeisa. Security officials have promised to share the story with public soon after investigation is completed.

ISIS has long been operating in Puntland regions, though relatively weak in carrying out Al-Shabaab style attacks, however, the group targets businesspeople and unprotected individuals among the public.

Somaliland suspects that ISIS Somalia franchise is a project sponsored by Puntland, aimed to disrupt security which its citizens have enjoyed over the decades following the ousting of Siad Barre regime.

Somaliland has long been a beacon of hope for the rest of Somalia, however, the arrest of ISIS leader in Somalia coincides with recent announcement by the UK government that it will stop support it used to provide to Somaliland’s anti-terrorism forces.

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