Somaliland Police Arrest 20 after Government Move Stirs Protests in Wajale District

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) –The Somaliland Police have arrested more than 20 people in Wajale district near the border with Ethiopia following mass protests against government’s move in which a  cemetery was sold to business companies.

Reports from Wajaale say police have fired live rounds to disperse residents protesting against the move in which a large burial ground was sold, casualties remain unknown so far.

Local media is reporting that a number of people have been arrested. Wajaale police commissioner speaking to media stated that many people have been arrested for the protest while Police were looking for others involved in staging demonstrations.

Residents told Somaliguardian that the move in which the government sold the burial ground considered as a public property –has created local fury and stirred protests.

Witnesses said that the business company which purchased the burial ground in Wajale began efforts to excavate bodies in a bid aimed to change the site into a residential and commercial center.

In the past few years, Somaliland has been becoming more of a police state where people have been forced not to come against the regime’s policies and spreading corruption in the country’s public sector.

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