Uganda Fears Al-Shabaab Attacks As DRC Reports Group’s Presence in Its Country

KAMPALA (Somaliguardian) –Ugandan Defense Minister Adolf Mwesige has recently warned that his country remains prone to Al-Shabaab attacks.

He says Al-Shabaab –an Al-Qaeda affiliated group in Somalia is a major threat to his country while also mentioning other groups including ADF and Islamic State.

In the ministry’s policy statement for the year 2030/21, Mwesige said Al-Shabaab activities in Somalia, Kenya and reportedly in the DRC continue to pose major threat to Uganda, given its role in AMISOM and shared porous borders.

The Ugandan Minister of Defense expressed hope that UPDF will continue to equip its personnel with modern skills to ensure Uganda’s territorial integrity has been protected despite alarming challenges the country is facing in the wake of growing presence of Islamist organizations in the region.

As Uganda and DRC governments claim that Al-Shabaab fighters from Somalia are collaborating with the ADF, in-depth reports have denied this link, stating that there is contact but not real integration.

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