US Drone Strike Kills 2 Civilians in Bay Region, Somalia

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Two civilians have been killed in a US airstrike near Buulo-Fulaay town in Bay region, Somalia.

Earlier, Somali government and AFRICOM claimed responsibility for the strike, saying it killed two Al-Shabaab members.

“The Federal government of Somalia in coordination with its Federal member states and its US partners conducted an airstrike against Al-Shabaab near the town of Buullo Fullaay, Somalia. Two members of the terrorist group were killed in the strike” reads a statement issued by the Somali government hours after the strike occurred.

Although the government and AFRICOM denied any civilian casualties, residents in Buulo Fulaay are reporting a different story. They say the strike had targeted two local civilians on a motorbike on their way home in the vicinity of the town.

Family members have confirmed to local Somali media outlets that the individuals killed in the strike were local farmers who had no connection with Al-Shabaab or any other organization, and expressed anger over the intentional targeting of civilians by the Americans.

This is not the first time US airstrike kills civilians; on the contrary, dozens of similar strikes have been targeting civilians since the Trump administration announced boosting operations in Somalia.

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