US Secretary of State Nominee Terms Ethiopia’s Tigray War as “Aggression”

WASHINGTON (Somaliguardian) – US Secretary of State Nominee Antony Blinken has termed the war raging in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as an “aggression” and raised fear it might spill over to other countries in the Horn of Africa region.

Asked whether he would appoint a special envoy to Horn of Africa as conflict in the northern Ethiopian region spirals out of control, mr Blinken said he would consider naming a special envoy to the region

Blinken stated that “the instability was sparked by aggression in advance in Tigray” and raised concerns that the conflict could spill over to other countries in the wider Horn of Africa.

The US president-elect Joe Biden’s pick for the State Department noted that there were atrocities committed against Eritrean refugees in the northern Ethiopian region and that Eritrea was “possibly getting in” the war raging in Tigray.

“We have Eritrea possibly getting in. We have other states that are now being affected and the potential for this to spill over is now a real concern,” Blinken said.

Antony Blinken made these remarks in his Tuesday confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, hours before the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden.

The US previously confirmed there was presence of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia but has not yet devoted significant efforts to bring an end to the war in the northern Ethiopian region amid reports of crimes against humanity.

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